Tips For Keeping Your Windows Sparkling Clean

Everybody would love to have a clean home where you can safely sleep, rest, eat, work and do your own thing. We would not want to live in a place where insects and rodents would chase us every now and then. That being said, it is very important to keep our homes clean and remain to be a healthy and safe place to stay in. A clean home refers to being able to keep the house tidy especially those that can be seen in plain sight. A great example would be the toilet, the floors, carpets and even the window.

How to ensure your windows are being cleaned properly

There are homeowners who miss out on cleaning the window because this is a part of the house that can me left unnoticed or can be taken for granted. However, let us not forget that windows can actually be another portal to viruses and bacteria because of it being an opening possibly enabling the virus and bacteria to enter your wonderful. It would be best if the proper window cleaning is done to ensure you and your family’s safety. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

To be able to clean your windows well, below are the best things to consider:

  • How often should you clean it? – it normally depends on the homeowner but if you were to ask me, once a week would be best.
  • Best time – best time to do window cleaning is during a cloudy day
  • Clear the area – would be best to clean furniture or items around the window area for it to be cleaned well
  • Technique – an old toothbrush! Yes, you read it right. An old toothbrush scrubbing even the deepest areas of a window is most definitely a good idea

The above are just some of the few tips in successfully cleaning your window. It is not costly and I bet it would work for everyone. It honestly worked for me!

Keep your house clean everyday. Do a little cleaning probably thrice a week. You do not have to do a big gesture to keep your home spic and span as a little sweeping and wiping can totally make a difference and I can attest to this myself. If you have time, probably 15-30 minutes a day would do. Apart from keeping your home clean, it also gives you a little exercise to burn those extra calories.