Tips For Keeping Your Windows Sparkling Clean

Everybody would love to have a clean home where you can safely sleep, rest, eat, work and do your own thing. We would not want to live in a place where insects and rodents would chase us every now and then. That being said, it is very important to keep our homes clean and remain to be a healthy and safe place to stay in. A clean home refers to being able to keep the house tidy especially those that can be seen in plain sight. A great example would be the toilet, the floors, carpets and even the window.

How to ensure your windows are being cleaned properly

There are homeowners who miss out on cleaning the window because this is a part of the house that can me left unnoticed or can be taken for granted. However, let us not forget that windows can actually be another portal to viruses and bacteria because of it being an opening possibly enabling the virus and bacteria to enter your wonderful. It would be best if the proper window cleaning is done to ensure you and your family’s safety. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

To be able to clean your windows well, below are the best things to consider:

  • How often should you clean it? – it normally depends on the homeowner but if you were to ask me, once a week would be best.
  • Best time – best time to do window cleaning is during a cloudy day
  • Clear the area – would be best to clean furniture or items around the window area for it to be cleaned well
  • Technique – an old toothbrush! Yes, you read it right. An old toothbrush scrubbing even the deepest areas of a window is most definitely a good idea

The above are just some of the few tips in successfully cleaning your window. It is not costly and I bet it would work for everyone. It honestly worked for me!

Keep your house clean everyday. Do a little cleaning probably thrice a week. You do not have to do a big gesture to keep your home spic and span as a little sweeping and wiping can totally make a difference and I can attest to this myself. If you have time, probably 15-30 minutes a day would do. Apart from keeping your home clean, it also gives you a little exercise to burn those extra calories.


The Right Types of Paint For Outdoor and Indoor Paintings

Painting your home can mean so many things. It could mean painting it internally or externally. It would be best to walk through types and be familiar with it.

Outdoor Painting

Outdoor painting is obviously being able to beautify the external parts of a building through paint. There are several outdoor painting styles when you talk about outdoor painting. One is the plain painting – this is the natural and normal way of putting one color on the external portion of your home/ building and another is called mural painting. Mural painting beautifies the external part of the building by painting beautiful designs on it. Mural painting is very rampant is government walls, buildings and commercial buildings due to the attraction it brings to the passers-by or probable customers.

Two best paints to use when doing outdoor painting

These two are the most common types of paint used when outdoor painting:

  • Oil-based paints – from the word itself, this kind is made of oil. This is good for external painting due to its durability and quality. It is also water resistant, so it does not fade away easily on different weather conditions
  • Latex – latex is as durable as an oil-based paint. The best quality latex has is the fact that it can keep its quality no matter the heat of the sun. it may take a while before the pain gets removed, sometimes it even takes years depending on how this was applied

The best paints to use when doing indoor painting

There are different types of pain to consider when doing indoor painting especially when you have different rooms to work on. Below are just some:

  • Kitchen walls – Latex enamel
  • Bathroom walls – Latex enamel
  • Ceilings – Latex paint
  • Trim, cabinets, windows and doors – Acrylic latex
  • Bathtubs or showers – Acrylic glossy
  • Dry wall – Acrylic latex
  • Living room and bed room walls – Acrylic Latex
  • Basement masonry walls – Latex acrylic

There are so many paints you could use when doing both internal and external painting and so many types you can choose from. However, you need to be able to know which ones are the best for which certain room to be able to take advantage of its quality and beauty. Most often than not, choosing the wrong type of paint for the job can either cost you so much  more than choosing the right one from the beginning and makes you work double to be able to correct the initial mistake!


How Often Should You Clean Your House?

Keeping the house clean is very important. A clean house is a good indication of how a house is maintained. The better it is maintained, the more it can welcome guests to come over and pay a visit. However, there are really people who are prone to cleaning their house often as dictated by their urge to keep their house maintenance at its peak. There is no exact time on how often you should be able to clean your abode, but there is a timeline one can follow on certain areas of the house.

Keep certain actions done by day, weeks, monthly and yearly

Start small and keep in constant motion. As there are activities that must be done in a daily basis, not all things can be done in the same way. There are those which can be finished in monthly time while there are those which can be done annually.

  • Daily home cleaning – things used in an everyday basis, floors, countertops, tables, bathroom sink and bed.
  • Weekly – following up appliances and vacuuming dust from floors
  • Monthly – for dishwashers, vacuums, and fixtures
  • Every 2-3 months – places that are often hidden and hard to reach
  • Yearly – for those set ups which often need bulk cleaning and scraping such as chimneys, kitchen exhaust and ACs.

Take simple steps but consistent

One way to keep cleaning at home very effective is to make a list of simple activities that can be done without compromising other activities of the day. Simple steps such as these can really do a lot in the long run. On the other hand, it makes sure there is something done while things that are left to be done can be continued on the next time.

Consistency is the key

As part of the daily routine, cleaning the house is a necessity but must not interfere with major endeavors such as business, school and career. Even with a list of what to do, not keeping up with it and just letting them slide might have impact in the long run. Not only that, keep in mind that cleaning is a long process and that you might need to be hands on during the process. But doing home cleaning activity consistently can keep the other cleaning in place because constant follow up on them can insure that other parts of the house are also kept and well maintained which can lead to those activities not put under heavy cleaning.


Should You Redesign Your Kitchen Before Selling Your House?

Real estate sales have gone up in the past few years with the impact of changes in the global economy, and health putting pressure on most people who are in this field. Considering how important it is to sell your house carefully, many would ask how to know exactly what options are best, especially if you have to think about redesigning to boost your sales possiblities.

Redesign benefits at home

A very good undertaking, redesigning is an option that can help put your house on sale more beautiful and presentable. Many sellers out there are quite particular with how they sell their properties as well as buyers who are very much particular about anything from the outside down to what is inside. On top of that, buyers are prone to get more specific with the quality of the house rather than the aesthetic value. Redesigning spaces such as the living room, kitchen and bathroom can go a long way if done properly and adds value to the property

Kitchen redesigning

Designing kitchen is one of the projects which property agents may need to work on especially if the house has to do serious selling to make it to the most valuable properties available. When it is clear that a kitchen redesign is in mind, the owner must face the following challenges depending on the property.

  • Effort and time consumption – Consider establishing the kitchen’s overall design and how much you need to invest your time and effort in redesigning it. If you are in a hurry to sell the house, you might stall for a while.
  • Probability of purchase – it is not clear how easy a house can be bought. Even a redesign or renovation would not work if the chances of a house purchase is low in the current market and situation

Adding net value to the house

The net value of the house increases as the cost of kitchen redesign is added to the current amount as part of the furnishing and renovation. This cost is detailed and should be stated when a house is being sold. It is important that costs such as these are transparent because buyers must be knowledgeable on what changes have been done to the house before purchase. Buyers also opt for sold houses that are already designed and have renovations done for they free themselves of the time it takes for redesigning and changing the set up.


When You Shouldn’t Even Try To Paint Your Own House

House painting

Painting a house is part of the moving process. Adding cosmetic and aesthetic value to buildings create a sense of style which you can make yourself feel proud of. Deciding whether to get a professional help or not comes into play when you are not sure how to proceed with the project. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think about how to manage the painting job because there are a lot of things that come into play – cost, the size and whether or not you can do it in a certain time frame.

Get help or Do-It-Your-Own

Here are the factors to help you consider a professional’s help. Certain circumstances may apply and certain factors may also appear to be relevant.

  • Size – the size of the project makes the painting job can have an impact on the coverage of the things you can do and cannot.
  • Current state of house paint –whether the house is brand new or not, the kind of surface you will be working on determine the coverage of your project and help you decide if you can do it all by yourself or you need someone’s help to do the house painting.
  • Where to do the paint job – Interiors and exteriors present situations that can help identify whether the undertaking is too big to take

Be practical

Judging one’s ability to paint is not a good way to start the decision making. Consider a more realistic approach to do the job. A large scale project may need the help of professionals in order to keep up with the time frame and be able to save precious time for other things. Houses which are bought second-hand often have paint jobs previously installed and that can be a handful to take. Sanding and checking for caulks takes time and you just cannot spend all your time doing all of these without doing other important stuff for yourself. Professionals have the right tools for the job.

Interiors / Exteriors

The difference between these two when it comes to house painting job is the complexity one has to undergo before finishing the task. Interior painting is faced with problem of getting to paint hard to reach places and match the colors well. Exterior painting is more tedious for you have to face the elements as well as the complexity of reaching those areas which are not easy to reach. Professionals have the necessary experience on how to handle these situations.


Is Deep Cleaning Different Than Regular House Cleaning?

How can one style of cleaning differ from another?

That is quite a big word! Considering how cleanliness can affect our entire lives nowadays especially with COVID ongoing, cleaning can generally mean so many things if tackled in depth. You may think that this is just a small thing – cleaning per se, but this can make or break you as you continue your day to day living.

So what are different types of cleaning styles?

You will be amazed once you get to know the different types of cleaning. Yes, you read it right. We basically have more than one cleaning style:

The above mentioned are the different styles of cleaning one would encounter her entire life. It would be best to tackle each in order to give everybody the perfect glimpse of each of them.

Domestic clean

This is the basic cleaning of one’s abode. Usually happens weekly or bi-monthly.

Commercial clean

Normally for business premises and the like.

General clean

It is basically just domestic cleaning plus other paraphernalia like vacuum, wiping the windows etc.

Mini clean

If you are in a hurry, this is just the best style for you. A little sweeping and arranging and you are definitely good to go.

Spring and deep clean

Spring or deep cleaning is now the go-to clean for very special occasions like Christmas or the New Year. This is the best time of the year where everything in the house just gets back in shape.

Builder’s clean

Easy! This is just to actually clean up the mess made after a little Do it yourself work at home.

Décor clean

Tidying a little something after some decors get put up.

End of tenancy clean

Just by the word itself. Enjoying the time to clean after a tenant has left the property.

Event and Party clean

This is just the most hassle clean for me, the way I see it. Considering all the preparations made prior the even then all the cleaning up of the mess that needs to be done just after the event! This will drive people insane!

There are just so many types of cleaning and I am sure you have encountered not only two but probably all of it. Amazing ways to get tidy, I must say.


Comparing The Best Materials For Kitchen Countertops

Before we decide to buy things, we always need to make sure it is worth our money and hard work. This applies to everything that comes into our mind. It could be the clothes you wear, bags you like, shoes, cell phones, and even appliances at home. Considering the kind of world we have, it is always best to have a series of options to be able to weigh things based on how much you need it, budget, durability and quality. You just do not but things for the sake of having them within your reach, you buy your money’s worth.

This is true to kitchen necessities as well. Nowadays, even the millennials get to have a say on what they put in their living room, bedroom and even their kitchen especially for the career driven ones. Even as simple as getting the best kitchen countertops do not make an exception. Speaking of countertops, how do we choose the best kitchen countertops in our home? You need to consider so many things before deciding to get one. Some are the below:

  • Budget
  • Size
  • Style
  • Durability
  • Quality

Why do you need to weigh things?

You need to be able to know the best for you and thinking about your budget does not allow you to splurge all you want. The size would definitely make a difference as well since larger countertops would require a larger space. Getting a big one without considering your area is a not so good idea. The style of it must suit the internal design of your unit. You cannot just but it because you love the color, you also need to think about how it would fit in your unit. Durability and quality, I believe is self-explanatory. Buying things because they are dependable and durable saves you from so many near future problems.

Buy now, Worry Later

As always, the most important factor for me here is the budget. I am not sure if everybody agrees but countertops are not cheap. Getting it free is better but you also need to think about the quality and not compromise it over budget. You need to weigh so many things to be able to decide and get the best option for you.

New Normal

Being able to make good decisions should be the new normal especially to the millennials. It does not only help  you budget your cash, it helps you to be good decision makers even when you get old.